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K213J straight-through cable outlets Desktop
Simple straight-through connection, no wire, plug and play convenience for our engineering customers
Size: 266x130x67mm

Product opening size:
Material: zinc alloy / steel

Color: Flash Silver, matte black (the root tree can provide custom color palette.)

Product testing flip Views: 5,000

Product warranty period: 1 year

Product Description:

1 touch button to open the product, you can take a variety of wire and cable
2, soft open, safe, convenient plug interface, open the easy, quiet, you can work at -10 ℃ or above.

3, easy installation and flexible, you can select multiple side by side, compared with similar products is currently high, and the most beautiful combination of a multi-function socket device.

4, mainly for the conference, hotel, office furniture desk.

Product Notes:

1, does not allow water seepage and percussion phenomenon.

2, should not be installed outdoors and on the ground.

3, input voltage :110-220v / 50Hz, to be ground.